Apliqo UX and Cubewise Canvas for TM1 to be offered as a single product

Apliqo UX and Cubewise Canvas for TM1 to be offered as a single product.

Apliqo UX and Canvas for TM1 have been combined to a single product which will be known as Apliqo UX.

Future releases of Apliqo UX will contain all features and functionality of both products.

Apliqo UX improves the adoption rate and user acceptance of any application built on IBM Planning Analytics. The user-friendly web interface combines guided business workflow with excel-like grids for input and modern charting components for analysis, reporting and dashboarding.

Apliqo UX allows TM1 and Planning Analytics developers and business users to quickly and easily deliver enterprise web applications which are both tablet and mobile ready without any requirement for html or web development knowledge.

When installing Apliqo UX, customers acquire not only all the capabilities of Apliqo UX but also receive all Canvas components, allowing for creation of completely custom web applications if required.

Existing Canvas customers will receive a limited time special deal to transition to Apliqo UX. However, there will be no requirement to switch. Customers choosing to use only Canvas framework components can do so and will continue to receive support and updates.

About Apliqo UX


Apliqo UX offers a modern, curated, web experience for your TM1 and IBM Planning Analytics users. Simple to use templates with built-in business process workflow guide users allowing the power of connected Planning Analytics applications to be leveraged throughout the business.

Apliqo UX is a browser-based user interface for TM1 and IBM Planning Analytics which provides a superior user experience for all types of users: from occasional data entry to power users, developers and administrators. Apliqo UX is true plug and play with simple install and configuration in minutes. You can deploy it on top of any current TM1 and IBM Planning Analytics server and benefit from improved user experience immediately.

About Canvas for TM1


Canvas for TM1 is a web development framework built upon the TM1 Restful API and delivers a modern presentation layer to your TM1 applications with read/write capability. The Canvas framework allows TM1 and web developers to build completely tailor-made web applications well beyond the limitations of TM1 Web and Planning Analytics Workspace.

About Apliqo


Apliqo is a member of the Cubewise Group with a mission to transform performance management from consulting to software. Our Unified Performance Management solutions help companies of all industries to make their budgeting, forecasting and financial reporting more efficient and transparent by bringing the entire value chain into a systematized analytics process.