Apliqo Consolidation and Close

Out-of-the-box Financial Consolidation and Close solution for statutory reporting and disclosure.

Apliqo C&C

Apliqo C&C is a consolidation software package that unifies statutory consolidation and management reporting to provide one single version of the truth.

Apliqo C&C is designed to meet the requirements of international groups. Web native, quick to implement and customer configurable, it provides a framework to improve the quality and transparency of your critical financial close processes.

Statutory Financial Closing

Faster Financial Close Management leveraging one central source of the truth. Automated data loading or manual entry allowing for flexible data preparation and closing.

Statutory Financial Consolidation

Smart financial consolidation that streamlines your process. Automated intercompany eliminations, journal entry management, ownership changes and manual adjustments – all in one place.

Consolidated Workflow and Collaboration

Best-practice workflow processes allowing for faster and more secure closing so everyone is on the same page.

Financial Reporting & Disclosure Management

Provide complete internal and external close reporting with instant formatted income statements, balance sheets, cash flow reports and other disclosures.