TM1 / IBM PA Development framework

Apliqo is a IBM PA/TM1 development framework that allows you to save time.

Use it as building blocks to develop a best-practice based IBM planning application. Don’t reinvent the wheel, leverage our framework instead.

Intelligent dimensions

Time analysis made easy. Pre-built configurable time series dimensions for any kind of time analysis.

Frontend components

Apliqode creates a better user experience. Use it to manage applications, hyperlinks, menu systems, user preferences and picklists.


Best-practice IT process templates. Built-in process logging and parallel loading functionality using Cubewise Hustle.

Smart security management

Effective object security management with pre-built functionality that can be easily set up and managed by admins.


Automated and user-driven reconciliation application to quickly see if your application is still in balance.

Smart Dimension Management

Manage semi-dynamic and static subsets (UDC) with Apliqode. Use generic dimension load processes to automate dimension management.

Deploy Apliqo solutions in the Cloud or On-Premise. Leverage your IT infrastructure or the power of IBM Cloud.

Our pre-built Apliqo Unified Performance Management Solutions are designed for fast implementation and high end-user acceptance.

Proven financial and operational PM methodologies available out-of-the-box. Add your specific business logic to the solution to make a perfect fit.

Modern Web-based Reporting and Dashboard engine, enabling fast deployment of enterprise ready reports.

Powerful analytical OLAP engine powered by IBM Planning Analytics (TM1) combined with a modern User Interface so you can get to the bottom of any issue.

Pre-built and real-life tested best practice planning methods available for all modules, to reduce planning effort and increase forecast accuracy.

Take charge of reporting and planning. Manage them efficiently with adaptable workflow processes.

Tailored for any company size or industry. Give the power of analytics to your business users.

Share insights that align people with common goals and maximum performance.

Don’t replace Excel, embrace it and connect it to our powerful functional database powered by IBM Planning Analytics (TM1) for real-time data access.

Be productive on the go and wherever you work. Every Apliqo module is mobile friendly and truly mobile ready!

Whether you want to do full-year budgeting, in-year forecasting or rolling forecasting, Apliqo provides you with pre-built best-practices to get there quicker.