Looking for a unified reporting and analytics platform for your alternative assets and private equity investment portfolio?

You’re come to the right place. 

Apliqo’s Limited Portfolio Management product offers an intuitive and dynamic analytics platform for private market investors. Instead of relying solely on Excel models that are prone to error and centralisation, a dedicated reporting tool helps to unify all your data and provide transparent performance measurement, relevant benchmarking and powerful projections.

Imagine what your investing solutions could look like if you leveraged:

Real-time data analytics

Segregation of duty

Robust cashflow modelling

Cloud-based data warehousing allows any stakeholder to access the information they need as and when they need it.

Combine this with customisable reporting functionality and you have real-time data analytics at your fingerprints.

Permission levels and best practice workflows allow for strict control of investment actions – enabling better governance structures.

In addition, having this separation helps to optimize operational decision-making, leveraging the wisdom within your organization.

Building off the success of the Apliqo suite, the product includes powerful projection capabilities that allow for better long-term planning.

Get ahead of the curve and understand your portfolio’s lifecycle so that you can fine-tune things in line with strategic objectives.

Automated data processing

Consistent reporting

Benchmark comparisons

Instead of manual entry, consolidate and upload your data in an automated fashion, eliminating human error.

This frees up time and resources to focus on portfolio management.

Unifying all your data in one platform allows for consistent reporting and holistic insights.

This ensures that all stakeholders are on the same page and that you always understand the bigger picture.

Understand your performance in the context of competitors or public market equivalents on both, fund and asset level.

Customisable dashboards allow you to build your performance metrics according to what matters to you and your investors.

Built for collaborations and accessibility

Get all of this value in one platform that can be accessed from wherever you are. Whether you want to integrate your Excel models, run from a world-class enterprise web application, or use our purpose-built mobile application, the tools are there for you.

If you’re part of a team, this product will help to generate the transparency and cross-function collaboration that makes for higher-quality decision-making. By unifying reporting, analytics, and financial modelling into one application, you can focus your efforts on higher-value tasks, knowing that you have data-backed insights as a foundation.

This is the promise of Unified Performance Management

Excel Integrations

Web Applications

Mobile Applications

Built for Fundamental Analysis

Our best-of-breed workflows, processes, and calculators help to leverage the tenets of fundamental analysis – allowing for more nuanced decision-making. Let the technology work for you as it streamlines investment fundamentals and all the bells and whistles that come with it.

This can help you understand your portfolio in the wider context and you can use these macro-insights to improve performance.

Read more about fundamental analysis here.

It's time to take your portfolio management to the next level.

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Learn how Apliqo can help you and your business
Learn how Apliqo can help you and your business
Learn how Apliqo can help you and your business