How Apliqo UX helps TM1 and IBM Planning Analytics End Users?

Apliqo UX offers a far better experience for occasional users who often make up the bulk of your user count, and support effort. Apliqo UX is built with modern web frameworks and is immediately familiar and intuitive with navigation, notifications and gestures users are familiar with from their daily lives, which greatly reduces training needs.

Built-in support for business process workflow complete with validation and prompts for data entry place guiderails around the planning process. This simplifies tasks and navigation for users and reduces training and support. Leading to higher user acceptance and satisfaction and lower cost of ownership.

Power Users are not left out, with the ability to construct their own custom reports and workflows without relying on IT to create or modify reports.

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User experience focused
on accessibility

Interactive reports facilitate data exploration

Step-driven business process workflow requires less training and results in fewer user mistakes and lower TCO

Unique feature such as cross-drillfor quick insights

Build once – use on any device

Work offline with import and export from Excel

Quick user acceptance

Familiar modern web experience reduces time user needs to spend in the application

App design caters to your company’s business process

No need for extensive training and manuals for end users

Simplify application design and create apps with advanced technical skills with unified design aesthetics.

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Maximise TM1’s extendibility by personalising whatever you need and simplifying administration.

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Smart out-of-the-box functionality

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We would love to show you how you can instantly improve user adoption in your TM1 and IBM Planning Analytics install and leverage your economic and intelectual investments.