How Apliqo UX helps TM1 and IBM Planning Analytics Report Builders?

Templates with corporate colour pallete, fonts and logos ensure all content has uniform look, feel and functionality. Should any standards change in future there’s no need to worry, one central change will update all screens in the application with no need for individual maintenance of each screen.

With Apliqo UX’s template-based approach report builders can focus on content and business workflow. Consistent layout and positioning of widgets, buttons and filters is taken care of. This is not something report builders should have to worry about or waste time on, and with Apliqo UX they don’t have to.

Likewise say goodbye to time wasting and costly workarounds for common requirements like capturing navigation context, validating input, and workflow. Apliqo UX has these covered out of the box.

Apliqo UX produces a professional enterprise grade web application with no requirement for any technical web development skills. Your report builders don’t need to be IT, web developers, or BI specialists. In fact they’re more likely to be Planning Analytics power users and business subject matter experts.

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User experience focused
on accessibility

Interactive reports facilitate data exploration

Create professional dashboards with no coding or IT involvement Transformation of existing TM1 models into modern web applications within days

Accelerate development by easily re-using existing components

Work offline with import and export from Excel

Quick user acceptance

Standardised look-and-feel, regardless of creator, with default styles using Company-specific communication standards and guidelines

Centralisation of formatting styles allow for instant design updates across all reports/graphs in application

Intuitive data consumption, discovery, and input by making accessibility at the center of User Experience.

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Maximise TM1’s extendibility by personalising whatever you need and simplifying administration.

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Smart out-of-the-box functionality

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We would love to show you how you can instantly improve user adoption in your TM1 and IBM Planning Analytics install and leverage your economic and intelectual investments.