Using the smartest, fastest, most flexible, scalable and collaborative platform.

Apliqo – pre-built Applications

Apliqo Solutions embody best practices in financial & operational reporting and planning. On day one, the Apliqo UPM Suite makes critical information accessible, connected and understandable for business users – clearing the way for collaborative decision making and faster consensus.

Apliqo UX for guided applications

Use the ready-to-deploy dashboard widgets to create and share insights in minutes. Use a guided analytics template to report on your business, leveraging the unique cross-drill-functionality in the IBM Planning Analytics Workspace.

IBM Planning Analytics/TM1 – best core technology for modeling

TM1 / IBM Planning Analytics is the ideal technology for making Excel-centric budgeting, forecasting, financial reporting and literally any spreadsheet-based analytical application scale to the enterprise.

TM1 combines the freedom, flexibility and familiarity of Excel with the power and control of an enterprise database.

TM1 uses the same cell-oriented concepts as Excel, but can support collaboration among thousands of users, using terabytes of data and deeply complex modelling to match real-world business needs.

UPM connectors – access all your data

Get access to your data quicker, so you will get back to delivering value-added analysis leveraging all your data sources. Our pre-built connectors interface with a variety of data sources and provide ready-to-deploy data marts and integration to our solution.