Cashflow Modelling and scenario planning in uncertain environments

We compiled a set of resources to help you and your company navigate through the uncertain times.

Keeping oversight over current and future cash position has rarely been as important as today. Learn more about our best-practices, methodologies and solutions that can help you to weather the storm.

Six ways to improve your cash flow and working capital management

1. Understand the value in planning

2. Clearly identify your key business drivers

3. Create a cash budget (aka direct cash flow statement)

4. Embrace rolling forecasts

5. Thoroughly analyze your costs

6. Cash is king!

7. Use downturns as a platform for change

Prepare for the worst —
Seven keys to dealing
with business downturns

1. Understand the value in planning

2. Clearly identify your key business drivers

3. Create a cash budget (aka direct cash flow statement)

4. Understand that cash is king

5. Review your supply chain and inventory

6. Generate cash by monetizing non-strategic assets

Are you readyfor the next
FOREX shock?

Exchange rates: there is virtually no other external influence that is harder to predict. And yet almost all companies are exposed to the volatile foreign exchange markets. In our blog, we show the best way of managing one of the biggest risks associated with corporate planning. 

Cash is king —
Why cash flow
planning is a must

Cash is king. In CFO circles this is a given. Which is why detailed cash flow planning has long since become the gold standard in modern companies. But many finance departments are still overwhelmed by the sheer complexity of it. This is often due in large part to the fact that they have no process in place or have simply chosen the wrong planning tool. In this blog we will show you why an integrated reporting and planning solution is the best way for a company to improve its cash flow planning on the long term.

What is COVID-19’s
real impact
in your business?

A few months following the outbreak of COVID-19, infections in China are finally dropping. But with the world’s second-largest economy still in lockdown, we take a look at the economic repercussions of this virus and how your business can prepare for them.

Scenario planning
is your business’
best defense against

At the beginning of the month, we looked at the business implications of COVID-19 and shared a handpicked list of tips to help your company prepare for the outbreak.

Now, McKinsey & Company released a short report confirming our biggest prediction; the best way to prepare your business for the uncertainty of COVID-19 is with Scenario Planning.

Scenario Modeling —
A webinar
on scenario modelling

Scenario Definition and Modelling helps you understand the cause and effect to the bottom line of your business. The power of Scenario Modelling unfolds if a company can simulate, stress test and benchmark defined scenarios against internal and external targets.

How Apliqo solutions can support better cash flow management and forecasting

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