Shape the perspective of your storytelling with data

Shape the perspective of your data storytelling

The ability to rapidly synthesize and respond to financial and operational data is not just an advantage, it’s a necessity. Decision-makers across large organizations count on insightful reports that are predicated on detailed, bottom-up data to guide their strategic moves. Only through sophisticated reporting and analytics capabilities, we can truly discern the signal amid the noise.

How to stay on top of your private market investments

Private Market Investments

Institutional assets tend to have sophisticated tools in place to manage the liquid assets in their portfolios but these don’t transfer well to the unique needs of private market investments because they provide little to no flexibility in terms of addressing the specific challenges that come with illiquid assets.

In this article, we are going to explore the unique aspects of this opaque asset class and show how an analytical portfolio management solution can support investors in making decisions that are backed by real data and models.

Integrating ESG reporting into your FP&A workflows

Integrating ESG reporting into your FP&A workflows

One of the defining business trends of the past decade has been the renewed energy and momentum behind sustainability in all its forms. With mounting public pressure and more socially and environmentally conscious investors entering the market – it is no longer acceptable to run a business with a shareholder-only lens. Modern companies must embrace the fact that their operations also impact a wide range of other stakeholders whose interests must be taken into account.

Valuation challenges and dry powder in private equity

Valuation challenges and dry powder in private equity

Due to recent economic trends, we’ve seen a significant bump in the number of limited partnership investments in private markets – which is a really good sign for the industry’s long-term prospects. The positive outlook on returns has propelled more and more sophisticated investors to allocate a bigger share of their strategic asset allocation (SAA) […]

Apliqo UX – 2023 October Release

Apliqo UX is constantly improving and this last release is no exception. Experience all the latest improvements in the interactive demo we prepared. Here’s a list of the key upgrades: SQL Data Source Connect to multiple ODBC sources, edit data, add or remove records and more. Export to Excel as Active Form We are further […]