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Aktuelle Artikel aus dem Apliqo FP&A Blog

Aktuelle Artikel aus

das Apliqo FP&A blog

5 Gründe, warum eine hervorragende Benutzeroberfläche den Unterschied zwischen Ihrem FP&A und Ihrem workflow ausmachen kann

In the world of financial planning and analysis, we’ve long been hamstrung by financial products and tools that, while powerful, can be somewhat clunky to use.Traditionally they’ve taken lots of time and training to move through the learning curve and the sheer complexity has meant that the user experience has been deprioritized and the functionality has been front and center.

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5 Reasons Why a Great User Interface Can Make a Difference to Your FP&A Workflow

Ein hochentwickeltes, vereinheitlichendes FP&A-Tool ist wichtiger denn je

If you were to chart the changes in accounting and financial reporting regulation over the past 20 years, you would see a staggering increase in complexity.In what was already a highly-regulated industry, we’ve seen further administrative and structural obstacles placed in front of large corporations that are supposedly there to protect the integrity and accuracy of financial information – for the good of the stakeholders.

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Sophisticated tools are more important than ever

Wie FP&A solutions Unternehmen bei der Bewältigung von Herausforderungen in der Lieferkette unterstützen kann

One of the primary economic themes of the past couple of years has been a reckoning in terms of how global supply chains perform in the midst of turmoil.For most of our economic history, there has been a steady increase in globalization over time with key players specializing in various products and services – and then exporting those all over the world.Countries stopped a vast majority of their local production because they could get those goods cheaper and of better quality from elsewhere.

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How FPA Solutions Can Help Organizations Deal With Supply Chain Challenges

Entfesseln Sie die Kraft der integrierten Planung

There’s a famous quote from Mike Tyson that says:“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”This is often how we feel when we try to make plans for our business.It looks great on paper and everyone thinks that they’ve built in enough margin for error – and then the circumstances change again and you’re back at square one.It can be very frustrating, we know, but there are ways to mitigate this risk and to improve the overall accuracy of your planning endeavors.

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Unleash the power of integrated planning

Sie brauchen keine technischen Kenntnisse, um ein FP&A-Werkzeug zu bedienen.

Wenn Sie sich die Geschichte der meisten Implementierungen von Finanzplanungs- und -analysesystemen ansehen, werden Sie feststellen, dass der Lebenszyklus der Softwareentwicklung sehr schnell sehr kompliziert wurde. In dem Maße, wie sich das Konzept einer funktionalen, dynamischen Datenbank in der Gemeinschaft durchsetzte, wurden immer mehr fortschrittliche tools entwickelt, um diese Fähigkeit zu nutzen.

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You shouldn’t need a technical background to operate an FP&A tool