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Is your finance team overwhelmed by the complexity of their financial reporting and spends all their time putting out fires, rather than planning ahead? 

Financial Planning and Analytics is a vital component of long-term business success, but without the right technology underpinning your efforts, you’ll always be playing catch-up.

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The planning foundation od Apliqo FPM

Revenue Planning

Understand the drivers of each component of revenue, so you can fine-tune your sales and marketing, to drive towards a more profitable operation.

Expense Planning

Keep a close eye on expenses to remain as lean and mean as possible. Align your spending with your strategy and identify those cracks in the system that are costing you.

Balance Sheet Planning

Analyze your financial health through sophisticated balance sheet planning that can inform your medium and long term trajectory.

Cash Flow Planning

Unify P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow into one coherent model for more visibility into business impacts.

When you’re able to combine these pillars into one technology suite, you can unlock the power of holistic performance management:

Unify all your financial planning in one system

Instead of trying to piece together data from disparate systems, Apliqo helps you to collate everything and create a holistic view of your reporting and planning. The interface is intuitive and powerful – allowing you to achieve a wide range of different views of the same information.

Driver-Based Methodology

Throughout the suite, a driver-based methodology allows you to differentiate between correlation and causation, as well as enabling complex modelling tools that work.

Clearly track progress against your company strategy

Apliqo prides itself on aligning software tools with the larger organizational mission and strategy.  No longer just pithy words on an OKR board, you can now track the results of your strategic decision-making in real-time, allowing for agile adjustments at scale.

Empower decision-makers at all levels

Provide highly accurate and timely financial information for decision-makers.  Spend less time creating custom reports from scratch, and more time providing valuable insights on what the numbers mean.

Flexible business modelling

Model your organization across a wide range of factors, market conditions, and business decisions.  See the results in real-time thanks to the functional database breakthroughs of TM1 – the IBM technology that sits at the heart of the FP&A efforts.

Cutting-Edge Accounting Integrations

Apliqo is on the frontier of accounting technology and offers you everything you need to tackle IFRS 16 and more – within one package.

Highly Configurable Reporting and Visualizations

See your data visualized in ways that drive action, stripping out what’s irrelevant and presenting the crucial information in ways that make sense.

All of these benefits can revolutionize the way that your finance team thinks about planning and reporting.  Eliminate the headaches and work with a tool that doesn’t aim to recklessly simplify your business complexity, but rather manage it and leverage it to provide highly accurate financials.

There really is nothing like it. 

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Laptop and tablet displaying screenshots of Apliqo UX

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