Success factor: User acceptance

While the underlying market conditions are continually changing and the demands placed on management are constantly increasing, it is essential to ensure a continuous improvement in the performance of the company as a whole at all times. This represents an enormous challenge for the management team. The interplay between the creation of business concepts and their systematic implementation is particularly gaining importance.

Prepared for daily business

There is a general consensus at most companies that performance management is absolutely essential. So far, so good. Ultimately, in this day and age, a unified performance management solution is a core prerequisite for successful company management. However, the key question is whether the management is capable of steering its business appropriately and thereby making the necessary operational and strategic impact. A performance management solution can only be implemented efficiently if user acceptance is guaranteed – or in other words if the application works as intended for the user. Like all software, reporting and planning tools must, of course, also stand up to daily business and various user scenarios.

Real solutions are called for

User acceptance of a unified planning solution is conditioned by several different factors. On the one hand, economic and technical aspects must be taken into consideration, while on the other hand, an organizational and strategic perspective is also required. The challenge lies in addressing the individual needs and experiences of the software users while also incorporating the company’s strategy and values into the process.

Best practice

In the best-case scenario, a company opts for an application from the very outset which has been developed with a strong focus on user acceptance. Specialized reporting and planning tools are available on the market that provide predefined turnkey solutions, thereby supporting inter-divisional, coordinated decisions within the company. Simple handling and a cloud-based application ensures trouble-free use of such tools for all employees. This avoids employees working in individual solutions. It also simplifies internal communication and dialog throughout the processes. Ideally, the application uses predefined best-practice concepts and thus facilitates a short implementation time using best-practices and tested procedures that are clear and easy for users to understand.

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