What is Santa bringing FP&A enthusiasts for Christmas 2022?

What is Santa bringing FP&A enthusiasts for Christmas

The festive period is upon us and to be honest, it feels like it’s really snuck up on us. It feels like just yesterday when we were cracking open the pages of 2022, the first full year of business since the COVID-19 pandemic. And yet here we are!

Of course, Santa Claus is on his way and so we hope you’ve been good…  And to celebrate his arrival, we thought we’d run through some of the presents that he might be bringing for FP&A practitioners as they look forward to 2023.

More transparent data

With the right FP&A solution at your side, you’ll experience a much greater sense of data transparency because everything is in one place and you can drill down to your heart’s content to see exactly where any single number comes from. This makes for much more accurate analysis and allows you to make smarter decisions that are based on objective reality rather than intuition. Just imagine how overwhelming Santa’s supply chain would be if he didn’t use Apliqo!

Better ad-hoc reporting

The modern business environment is constantly changing and your ability to transform your data into actionable insights in real-time is a key competitive advantage. However, this is only possible with intuitive ad-hoc reporting that can respond to user queries and provide the information that you need in a digestible and visualizable way. Apliqo UX is the perfect solution for this – building on the power of IBM Planning Analytics and delivering self-service reporting functionality that every one of Santa’s elves can benefit from.

More accurate forecasting

Utilising an FP&A solution like Apliqo helps to create a unified planning framework that can align all of your different functions, data sources, KPIs, and management views to create a powerful holistic planning solution. The benefits of having driver-based forecasting tools that are dynamic means that when you update a parameter based on new information, this can flow through to all the dependent factors in your planning ecosystem – giving you the flexibility and agility to fine-tune your forecast as you build it. Having all of this in one place enables more accuracy and precision in your forecasting which will set your company up for a strong 2023.

Simpler workflows

Apliqo and IBM Planning Analytics / TM1 provide a wide range of automations and templates that can streamline your workflows and deliver better efficiency across all of your operations. Eliminate manual processes and see just how much time and effort you can free up that can be deployed to more important things. With the right FP&A technology, you can work smarter, not harder – and leverage your tools to get things right quickly and more often.

Those are some of the things that Santa is bringing for all those FP&A enthusiasts who are ready to take things to the next level.  Here at Apliqo, we are ready and waiting to help you implement these and unlock the true power of unified planning and harnessing your organization’s complexity.

From all of us here, here’s to wishing you a wonderful festive season with family and friends, and here’s to hoping that Santa comes good on these promises that we’re making!

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