Aligning the human
sales department to your strategy.

Unify Human Resource Management plans with your financial plans so you can spend more time increasing the companies human capital.

A Workforce planning app that drives human resource decisions in unison with all business functions in your organization.

Manage and plan headcounts, demographics and payroll expenses in one place.

The Apliqo Workforce Planning App can be up and running in days, unifying human resource management planning with a single source of truth, and synchronised with other planning cycles in your organisation.

Travel + Expense

Set group-wide travel policy cost assumptions and allow your organisation to plan T&E expenses based on bottom-up activity-based travel plans.

Integrated business

Unify P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow into one coherent model for more visibility into business impacts.

Workforce planning

Systematically align business and HR needs. Respond to changing business conditions and make headcount planning a continuous process.

Expense planning

Driver-based planning to increase efficiency and transparency while aligning spending with strategy.

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Close faster

Reduce complexity of your financial close process
Close your books faster and gain time
Automate your closing process and eliminate error prone processes
Provide detailed audit-trails
Modernize and automate your consolidation and close process.

Report smarter

Smart Excel integration to gain productivity
Smart deployment to leverage Cloud or on-premise
Smart User Experience to achieve high user acceptance and productivity
Smart Dashboard widgets to share knowledge quicker
Smart flexible analytics to get faster insights

Plan smarter

Smart Driver-based methods that address your business’ complexity and reduce planning time
Smart pre-built solutions to start quicker
Smart workflow and processes to drive collaboration and alignment
Smart flexible business modelling to cater for your specific industry
Smart planning methods to save time and increase accuracy

Achieve FP&A success

You can implement Apliqo in half the time it takes to roll out any other environment for budgeting, forecasting and financial reporting.
Out of the box, Apliqo makes hundreds of critical financial and operational data sources accessible and understandable for business users.

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