Cubewise is a global professional service and consultancy company focused on delivering best-in class Performance Management solutions. With offices in Australia, UK, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Netherlands, India, Hong-Kong, China, Taiwan, Singapore and USA, Cubewise supports its global customer base. With more than 500 projects and 200 clients, it has become one of the most trusted IBM Premier Business Partner focused on business analytics, driving innovation and customer success.



The ideal technology for making Excel-centric budgeting, forecasting, financial reporting and literally any spreadsheet-based analytical application scale to the enterprise. TM1 combines the freedom, flexibility and familiarity of Excel with the power and control of an enterprise database.

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Cubewise Pulse for TM1

The leading monitoring, management and migration tool provides a holistic view of your TM1 environment.
Improve uptime and performance. Make your TM1 community more productive. Speed up your TM1 development efforts. Provide change tracking and governance.

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Cubewise Canvas for TM1

TM1 application development with the power and freedom of modern web technologies.
Canvas gives TM1 the ability to easily build user interfaces using responsive web design. Canvas is the start of a new era of TM1–a combination of TM1 server power + modern user experience.

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