Standardised reporting

Standardized reports in each Apliqo C3 Suite app enable you to take a unified approach to analysing all aspects of your business operations.

The Apliqo C3 Suite comes with hundreds of standard best-practice financial and operational reports that cover all key aspects of your business. Instead of spending months designing and developing custom reports, you can jump straight into analysis.

Then you can customize the standard reports if necessary, or create your own reports, using all the same underlying power of IBM Cognos TM1 and the Apliqo C3 Suite.

Apliqo is the solution you’ve been waiting for.

The sooner you deploy Apliqo C3 financial apps, the sooner you’ll get back to using your time and professional skills to deliver value in more ways.

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Guided Analytics and Planning

Guided analytics and planning will step you through industry-specific thought processes and function-specific tasks, following best practices.

Once you’ve moved to the integrated environment of Apliqo C3 Suite apps, you will be able to perform complex analyses with 360-degree visibility into relevant business functions. Sophisticated business processes, including driver-based integrated planning, are made easier through a user-friendly, modern and responsive web application.

With guided analytics and planning, you can complete an end-to-end process without switching tools.

When expense planning, for example, you can handle the comprehensive process in one planning app, from historical budget analysis through business segment cost estimates to workflows and approvals.

Your work will be done faster and more accurately – and with confidence that the assumptions make sense and can be tested. The guided analytics and planning in Apliqo C3 will help you to apply the newfound power of integration to quickly deliver value.

For example, guided analytics will walk you through finding the best way to analyse sales profitability, taking into consideration the order backlog, existing sales pipeline, sales forecasts, and profitability by customer, product, and business segment.

The rich browser interface for guided analytics and planning is developed using Canvas for TM1, which is included with Apliqo C3 Suite apps.

Spend more time thinking about how to improve your business and less time learning how to use several complex software tools that do only a part of the job. Discover Apliqo C3 financial apps for budgeting, forecasting and financial reporting. Arrange a Q&A session with Apliqo.

Arrange a Q&A session with Apliqo

The sooner you deploy Apliqo C3 apps, the sooner you’ll get back to using your time and professional skills to deliver higher value to your organization.