The Apliqo C3 Marketing Planning App enables driver-based and activity-based marketing expense planning.

You can implement the Apliqo C3 Marketing Analytics App in half the time it takes to roll out any other comprehensive tool for marketing budgeting, forecasting and financial reporting. Out of the box, this app is ready to save you time and reduce your workload.

Create a closed-loop reporting and forecasting system by connecting this app with the Apliqo C3 Apps for sales, CRM and financial analytics.

This core model will be a starting point for your Apliqo C3 Suite implementation, as all the other C3 Suite Apps ultimately will link into it so you can analyse profitability, financial position, solvency and liquidity.

Activity-based Marketing planning and analytics

Fully customizable driver-based planning

Automated and manual phasing allocation

Top-down and bottom-up marketing planning

Campaign analytics and planning

Marketing activity segmentation by type

Multi-currency marketing expense planning and analytics

Marketing expenses scenario planning and modelling, what-if scenario analysis

Integration with expense planning application

Ready-to-deploy dashboards, reports, analytical applications

The sooner you deploy Apliqo C3 apps, the sooner you’ll get back to using your time and professional skills to deliver higher value to your organization.