The Apliqo C3 Sales Analytics App provides detailed analyses of your sales processes with driver-based planning, reporting and analytics. It provides detail, transparency and efficiency to the sales process by providing insights into all areas of your sales process.

You can implement the Apliqo C3 Sales Analytics App in half the time it takes to roll out any other comprehensive tool for sales modelling and reporting. Right away, this app is ready to improve sales forecasting, manage the performance of your sales organizations, and reduce workload in your sales organisation.

Sales figures should never be managed in a vacuum. This app shares information with the other Apliqo C3 Suite apps, including Customer Relationship Management, Marketing Analytics, Supply Chain Analytics, and Unified Financial Information.

• Standard functionality, feature summary
Sales profitability analysis

Activity-based costing and profitability analysis

Order income and backlog analytics

Fully customizable driver-based planning

Predictive demand capabilities and forecast accuracy measurement

Ready-to-deploy dashboards, reports, analytical applications

The sooner you deploy Apliqo C3 apps, the sooner you’ll get back to using your time and professional skills to deliver higher value to your organization.