The Supply Chain Management Analytics App reveals hidden opportunities for cost savings and more efficient capital utilization for working capital.

Any other tool would take months or years of customisation to achieve what the Apliqo C3 Supply Chain Management Analytics App can do right out of the box: build predictive models using historical information to support informed decisions, link supply chain data to sales and financial analytics to clarify the big picture, and enable unified Sales & Operations planning.

Unify operations, manufacturing, and sales performance management by implementing this app alongside the Apliqo C3 Suite apps for CRM, sales and financial analytics.

Inventory analytics

Consumption analytics

Inventory optimization analytics

Driver-based highly-customizable S&OP planning process

MRP (Material Resource Planning) analytics

BOM (Bill-of-Material) costing analytics

BOM explosion analytics and forward-demand analytics

Purchase order analytics

Predictive demand capabilities and forecast accuracy measurement

Ready-to-deploy dashboards, reports, analytical applications

The sooner you deploy Apliqo C3 apps, the sooner you’ll get back to using your time and professional skills to deliver higher value to your organization.

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