The Travel & Entertainment Planning App gives you one place to manage and plan T&E expense budgets in unison with other business functions.

The Apliqo C3 T&E Planning App can be up and running in days, synchronising T&E planning with planning cycles elsewhere in your organisation.

With the Apliqo C3 Travel Expenses Planning App, you can create planning models that lead to efficient budget approvals.

Route- and activity-based T&E planning and analytics

Fully customizable driver-based planning

Automated and manual phasing allocation

Top-down and bottom-up T&E planning

Multi-currency T&E expense planning and analytics

T&E expenses scenario planning and modelling, what-if scenario analysis

Integration with expense planning application

Ready-to-deploy dashboards, reports, analytical applications

The sooner you deploy Apliqo C3 apps, the sooner you’ll get back to using your time and professional skills to deliver higher value to your organization.