Apliqo Insights: Frankfurt FP&A Board meeting 2018

One of the key questions was what are the main challenges in implementing Driver Based Planning? The meeting was well attended and a great success.

Key challenges during an implementation are management sponsorship, transparency about key business drivers, change management and technology support for driver-based modelling.

Interesting insights:

  • Around 90% of participants are not or only partially using Driver Based Planning and 10% have implemented a full driver-based planning model (PL, BS, CF).
  • Majority of the participants are facing challenges to implement a Driver Based Planning model based on the existing ERP and BI tools, they are generating added value for Analytics but have missing functionalities when it comes to modelling.

The above-mentioned challenges are forcing a lot of companies to use Excel as Driver Based Planning Tool, but they see limitations when it comes to Data Governance and Collaboration.

An interesting case studies were presented. Stéphane Bonutto, CFO Europe at Oerlikon Balzers Coating Germany GmbH gave insights into his journey and challenges to implement a Driver Based Planning Model.

Apliqo shared their experience from other projects and presented various Business Drivers for the common Planning Layers (Strategic, Financial and Operational).

During the working group sessions attendees discussed and presented a Driver Based Maturity Model. The input on this maturity model will be collected from various FP&A Board Meetings around the globe and officially published.

The event was hosted and sponsored by the global FPA partners Apliqo and Regus.

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