Apliqo Insights: Planning Analytics TM1 User Day in Ehningen, Germany

This year’s TM1 User Day, held at IBM’s German Headquarters in Ehningen, proved to be another huge success. Attracting over 400 participants, the event held strong with its motto “from users, for users,” uniting TM1 users and systems managers from a wide variety of industries.

The event proved to be extra special for our team at Apliqo; just one day prior, our mother company, Cubewise, opened its first branch in Munich, giving us the chance to better serve our ever-growing German customer base.

The TM1 User Day also featured unique presentations from IBM, Mercedes, Rewe, Swiss, ABB, and Deutsche Bahn. as well as hands-on practical workshops.

The Apliqo team partook in the event in 3 main ways:

  1. Our clients DB Netz and ABB presented why our solutions prevailed in their evaluation phase and how they put Apliqo UX and Apliqo UPM into productive operation.
  2. We launched Apliqo Consolidation & Close, our newest solution for financial consolidation.
  3. Our stand served as a point-of-contact for both our existing customers and other interested TM1 users.

Stay tuned for more detailed client case studies of how DB Netz and ABB use our FPM solutions.

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