Reinventing The Wheel: Best Practices To Transform Your Business Projections

At Apliqo, we’re very focused on the changing role of CFOs and FP&A. And while making reliable projections about a company’s performance has long been a key responsibility of finance executives and their teams, these projections are now more important than ever and need the collaboration of the whole organisation. Today’s CFOs need to be […]

5 FP&A Skills Every CFO Needs

The roles of finance executives and their teams have changed dramatically. Rather than being buried in spreadsheets and quarterly reports, modern CFOs and their teams need to be both analysts and strategists that can help steer their company in the right direction. So, how exactly do you go about morphing into this new, challenging role? […]

Why Choose Apliqo C&C For Financial Consolidation?

The times they are a-changin’. As we’ve said many times on our blog and throughout our FP&A Masterclass series, the role of CFOs and finance professionals has changed dramatically. Today, keeping the books straight simply isn’t going to cut it. CFOs and their finance teams are now expected to play active roles in shaping company […]

Apliqo launches two new software solutions

With the redesigned Version 2.0 of Apliqo UX and the launch of the Apliqo C&C (financial consolidation and close) solution, the software company based in Zurich is targeting additional customer segments and setting another milestone on its successful expansion course. Zurich, April 17, 2018: Apliqo UX is a web-based front-end application for IBM Planning Analytics […]