Are You Ready For A No-Deal Brexit?

In this blog, we look at the possible economic implications of a no-deal Brexit and how companies can prepare for these challenges. Theresa May’s plan for leaving the EU consisted of a “customs union” agreement between the UK and EU in which neither would enforce import tariffs on the other’s goods. The Brexit deal also […]

Correctly identifying and applying KPIs to planning processes

The challenges posed by the planning process can be mastered by identifying and integrating the correct key performance indicators (KPIs) into driver-based planning. Our blog provides answers to the five most urgent questions about KPI Analytics. Why are many companies and decision-makers dissatisfied with their planning processes? Of course, there are many reasons. Management reporting […]

Focus On Value Drivers!

Enterprises are helped to achieve their set targets or to take corrective action if unforeseen changes occur in the background conditions. In this blog we show how the implementation of a driver-based planning concept enables companies to achieve a competitive edge over their rivals. It is an indisputable fact that a majority of enterprises do […]

Last chance for corporate planning: Part 2

Now for the tricky part. Leading planning and budgeting away from the brink naturally requires action. This is why in part 2 we will explain the specifics of how to implement efficient planning processes. Part 2 – nine steps for efficient corporate planning Efficient implementation of unified performance management requires structured processes and systems. Here […]

Apliqo partners with FP&A Trends

The aim of the collaboration is to build an international community in which to develop best-practice solutions in the area of financial planning and analytics. FP&A Trends is based in London and was founded by CEO Larysa Melnychuk for the purpose of helping companies realise their full potential in the area of planning and analysis. […]

Corporate Planning: Rolling Forecast Instead of Annual Budget

More and more companies are doing away with fixed budgets. The term “rolling forecast” is doing the rounds of finance departments as an alternative. So what is this all about? A study by the University of Zurich has revealed that more than 50 percent of all companies don’t update their budgets during the year. Moreover, […]

Santa Claus is stressed out due to planning

Apart from the usual Christmas business, he is also worried this year by profit concerns as he has recently gone into the red. It’s high time to whip performance into shape. The presents business has become hard. Apart from an increasingly complex business environment, Santa has had to contend with completely new challenges for some […]

Has zero-based budgeting been given a second life?

Various challenges force companies to dismantle old, cost-inefficient structures. In looking for new budgeting options, a well-known but controversial method is moving back into the limelight: zero-based budgeting (ZBB). Growth challenges, cost pressure and new competition from the Far East – the challenges for companies seldom come alone. CFOs are therefore faced with a frantic […]

What is wrong with budgeting and planning?

This is explained firstly by the business environment, which has become increasingly dynamic and complex over the past decade, so making planning and budgeting more challenging. Secondly, many decision-makers also stated that the quality of their planning outcomes is not good enough, with too little attention paid to strategic aspects in the planning process. What […]

Apliqo inside: 5 Questions To Manny Perez

What is your role at Apliqo and how does your work impact the development of Apliqo C3? As Technology Executive at Apliqo my concern is to deliver sustained value to our customers. This is achieved when we relentlessly seek simplicity, completeness, scalability and flexibility. Of these, the most important and hardest to achieve is simplicity. […]