Apliqo UX for Devs & Admins

With Apliqo UX you can achieve a professional enterprise application based on IBM Planning Analytics with rapid development and time to value, low support and training, and no ongoing maintenance. Leading to an unbelievably lean TCO.

How Apliqo UX helps TM1
and IBM Planning Analytics Developers and Administrators?


Apliqo UX makes life easier for End Users and Report Builders, but we haven’t forgotten about Developers and Administrators. We’ve built the Apliqo UX content store using Planning Analytics, making administration and customization immediately accessible to TM1 administrators and

developers, without any requirement for a new skillset. Applications are arranged in hierarches and access controlled by normal Element Security, making administration and trouble-shooting simple.

Apliqo UX also supports custom javascript which can be used to cover workflow automation and all but the most complex requirements.

For very specific requirements Apliqo UX offers the Canvas web development framework which allows you to develop your own custom widgets, custom html forms, integrate new chart types or even new chart libraries, quite simply the sky is the limit, you are limited only by your imagination.

This year, we tremendously liked the fact that we were able to upload excel spreadsheets directly using UX in a very end user friendly way.

Deborah Devos – ABB

Apliqo UX is powered by Cubewise’s Canvas for TM1.

Canvas is a web development framework built upon the TM1 REST API and delivers a modern READ/WRITE presentation layer to TM1 applications. 

This new presentation layer for TM1, has been built by TM1 developers for TM1 developers and enables web based TM1 planning and reporting application that go well beyond the limitations of TM1 Web. 

To achieve this outcome, Canvas uses a combination of client side components and an application server that simplifies requests to the TM1 server. As Canvas is built by TM1 developers for TM1 developers, you will see many components / controls within Canvas that are based on existing TM1 functionality, such as: DBR, DBRW, DBRA, SUBNM and Active Forms. Visit the canvas for tm1 resource page

(You will be visiting the Cubewise CODE website)

Intuitive data consumption, discovery, and input by making accessibility at the center of User Experience.

Maximise TM1’s extendibility by personalising whatever you need and simplifying administration.

As personalised as you want
or need it to be

Interactive reports facilitate data exploration.

Full customisation capabilities for all aspects of pre-built visualisations

Add your own custom visualisations

Built on best-in-class modern web frameworks/libraries (Angular, Bootstrap, Highcharts, Handsontable, PatternFly)

Simplify administration

More effective model maintenance through placing multi-step admin tasks (security, version control, planning cycles) into sequential steps

Quicker training and less documentation

Light-weight hardware demands, no seperate server required, single installer file, quick and easy installation