Manny Perez joins Cubewise as Technology Executive and endorses Apliqo C3

SYDNEY, May 19, 2015 – Manny Perez, creator of TM1 (IBM Cognos TM1), has joined Cubewise in the role of Technology Executive.

He will act in a non-executive capacity to provide advice and leadership. In particular, he will be working closely with the Apliqo C3 development team to help in the next generation of pre-built Performance Management applications.

Perez was intrigued by the clear value of the Apliqo C3 concept and essentially was convinced to come out of retirement to help it realise its full potential.

It makes absolute sense that the time has come for pre-built Best Practice applications such as Apliqo C3. C3 is to the TM1 Functional Database what ERP solutions such as those from SAP and Oracle are to relational databases. The key is the enormous value of the Best Practice business solutions within C3


It is really exciting to have Manny on board – his invention of TM1 started a slow, grass-roots revolution in Performance Management over the last 30 years and we are excited to finally be able to work with him on the next logical step of this revolution.

Daniele Tedesco, CEO of Apliqo and Managing Director of Cubewise Switzerland

I discovered TM1 while working as a CFO and was blown away by what it could do – I wondered why I had never heard about it before! It seemed obvious to me right from the start that this was clearly the platform on which Performance Management Best Practices could be standardised and delivered effectively at scale for enterprises of any size.

Apliqo C3 has been designed from the ground up to provide a flexible, scalable, extendable solution that works hand-in-glove with SAP ECC. The quick value that permeates all areas of the business that any SAP customer can get out of it has been exciting to experience


Apliqo C3 is a Unified Performance Management solution optimised to provide Best Practices in reporting, planning and analytics in a single, unified application to existing SAP and Salesforce customers.

Apliqo C3 has been the result of hundreds of hours of work and decades of experience of some of the world’s top TM1 practitioners. The result is the ultimate TM1 business model – one that covers the entire value chain and can help any organisation drive their strategy down through financial models and further into Operational Performance Management – allowing for high-value sensitivity modelling and a system that does reporting, planning and analytics using one Unified Performance Management framework. The results for customers have been quite impressive.

One of the most exciting aspects of C3 for me, is that C3 is the first truly portable TM1 business application – it is not a blueprint – it is a robust set of Performance Management business practices in exactly the same way that SAP is a robust set of operational business practices.


TM1 always has represented a platform on which a dispersed group of people with different, but valuable experience can interact and collaborate in the building and using of an ever-changing business model. C3 allows for the same end result, but also includes the innumerable years of both technical and business best practices. Despite billions being spent on Performance Management annually, the market continues to use Spreadsheets for business planning. This represents not only failure by software vendors but also massive opportunity for C3 to realize TM1’s potential.

Manny Perez

Cubewise has always admired Perez’s vision – he saw so clearly right from the beginning where Performance Management was going. Spreadsheets were the first chapter of the story and Perez effectively wrote the next chapter with TM1 being the first Functional Database. We believe that Unified Performance applications like Apliqo C3 will be the third chapter of the story, needless to say, we’re flattered and excited that Manny wants to work with us on the development and direction of Apliqo C3.

Jason Tranfield, Director of Cubewise

Along with the fast growth of Cubewise’s Pulse for TM1 and their first North American office opening in Boston on May 1, it is an exciting time to be a part of Cubewise and contribute to the further success of their clients getting more and more value out of TM1 every day. It will be exciting to be working close to the business process and the end users again.

I have observed the growth and success of Cubewise over the years and the loyalty and enthusiasm of their customers at various user meetings at which I have spoken. I can only attribute this to the value and results they must be delivering to their clients. It is for this reason, and the potential I see in C3, that I have decided to join Cubewise.”

Further, I see their goals and my original goal for TM1 as strikingly similar – the quest for transparency of Business Information through simplicity, education and evaluation. Applications such as C3 and Pulse for TM1 point to these tenets with striking originality.

The ultimate goal of TM1 and the Functional Model was to allow businesses to have a collaborative business model that represents their entire business in a way that can elegantly depict it in all of its complexity – I have not yet seen it realised more fully than in C3. So I am excited to see customers now achieve that ultimate goal of TM1