Apliqo launches a new version of its analytics and planning solution

The Swiss software company releases the new version of its unified planning solution Apliqo C3 on May 16, 2017.

The Apliqo C3 Suite is an integrated system of pre-built applications that unifies budgeting, forecasting and financial reporting. With Apliqo, companies will finish routine financial processes in less time. The time they save will give them more opportunities to apply their most valuable skills to guide business strategy.

Zurich, May 16, 2017 – Founded in 2013, Apliqo and its application Apliqo C3 soon played a pioneering role in the area of unified performance management. Apliqo works with standardized best-practice models and predefined planning processes, which enable a fast, comprehensive and inexpensive integration into existing IT systems. With the launch of the new version of Apliqo C3, the software company in Zurich, Switzerland has succeeded in a revolution of the planning environment. The various applications for the areas of financial analytics and planning, sales analytics, supply chain management, marketing planning and workforce planning work together in a cross-disciplinary and integrated manner.

Their learning process takes only about half the time of traditional planning tools. “Our philosophy is clear: A company’s decision makers should invest less work time in budgeting, forecasting and reporting so that they can focus on strategically managing the company and increasing efficiency through analysis. With Apliqo C3, companies gain valuable time to achieve better results,” says Daniele Tedesco, CEO of Apliqo AG.

Also attractive for smaller companies

With the relaunch, Apliqo C3 now has an entirely new design. The user interface and experience was greatly simplified and improved without sacrificing any complexity in the planning processes. Thanks to its cloud-based architecture and new user-based pricing models, the usage costs are also lowered significantly. This makes Apliqo C3 particularly attractive for small and mid-level companies as well. “Companies in the SME range are especially cautious about introducing a comprehensive planning solution. And yet the efficient use of a business software can be a real game changer particularly in their situation,” says Tedesco.

Apliqo at IBM Vision

As an official IBM partner, Apliqo is presenting the new version of Apliqo C3 at IBM Vision in Orlando, Florida from May 16-19, 2017 – a worldwide leading conference for office of finance professionals. It is no coincidence that IBM decided on Apliqo as a business partner and intensified the collaboration last summer. “Probably more than any other series of predefined applications, Apliqo C3 harmonizes with the IBM analytics engine Cognos TM1. The introduction of this latest version takes this interaction to a whole new level,” says Manny Perez, technology executive at Apliqo and Cubewise. Perez was a longtime employee of IBM, is the inventor of IBM Cognos TM1 and knows the IBM software better than anyone else.

“C3 represents a new stage for Cognos TM1. Throughout its history, it was a tool that, although incredibly powerful flexible and effective, required a significant effort and time investment before benefits began to be reaped. Now we have achieved what for me was an elusive dream: to deliver out-of-the-box business value in a bare minimum of time.”, added Perez.

Apliqo is presenting in-depth information about the functionality of Apliqo C3 at the IBM Vision Breakout Session on May 17, 2017 from 11:45 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.

About Apliqo

Daniele Tedesco and business partners jointly founded Apliqo AG in 2013, which specialized itself in the development of cognitive planning and analytics solutions for the area of Unified Performance Management. The Australian company Cubewise holds a strategic participation in Apliqo. Furthermore, a close cooperation and partnership exists with IBM.

Apliqo is the company and product name at the same time. Apliqo C3 unifies reporting, analysis and planning in a single application. This software presents the market with an innovation in the area of Unified Performance Management, and it targets responsible decision-makers in corporations.