5 things that’ll make you a better FP&A Professional after joining our Masterclass with Jack Alexander

This year, we were proud to launch the first instalment of our exclusive Masterclass series with CFO turned advisor, author, and business coach, Jack Alexander.

Jack has been an essential external member of the Apliqo best-practice team since 2020, and has previously participated in/hosted a variety of our webinars. This year, we launched an exclusive Masterclass series which provided Jack with a platform to share his experiences and insight from his 40-year career in FP&A.

From analyzing FP&A imperatives post COVID-19 to closely examining Rolling Forecasts, Scenario Planning, and predictive planning models, our 2021 Masterclass culminated a vast scope of Jack’s expertise. In turn, the first installment of this exciting series provided our guests with unique insight into how to streamline their FP&A processes.

Some of the biggest takeaways from the 2021 Masterclass include:

Getting the chance to learn from experienced professionals

Jack is an ex-CFO and Operating Executive with over 40 years of combined financial leadership experience at publicly traded companies. Today, he consults businesses from a variety of financial and operational areas on Strategic Analysis and Planning, Value Creation, FP&A, Business Performance Management, CFO development and Performance Improvement.

Our Masterclass serves as a platform for Jack to share his knowledge and experience in a live environment with our audience. Plus, the live Q&A at the end of each Masterclass gives our audience the chance to get Jack’s feedback on the FP&A areas most important to them.

Learning from real examples rather than theoretical slides

Presentation slides are great learning tools, which is why we make them available to all our guests. However, in our Masterclass series, Jack goes beyond simple theory to share real-life examples of the concepts he is presenting.

From case studies of scenario planning to hands-on tips for improving the communication and presentation skills of finance professionals, our Masterclass is packed with all kinds of examples to help you improve your FP&A efforts and processes.

Being introduced to key FP&A topics and using them as a benchmark

In today’s fast-paced, uncertain business climate, FP&A has taken on a crucial role in helping businesses identify their key drivers, analyzing their performance, and spotting opportunities for growth.

In his 40 years of experience, Jack has seen the world of FP&A evolve from the front row. Our Masterclass sets the stage for Jack to shine a light on key FP&A topics, processes, and best practices to help you adapt the role of finance at your company to today’s business climate and drive real value for your organization.

Getting guidance on how to implement FP&A best practices

In this first series of our Masterclass, Jack shone a light on a wide variety of FP&A best practices, including improved forecasting techniques (such as rolling forecasts and scenario analysis), predictive analysis models, communication and presentation tips, and much more.

But rather than simply describe these best practices, our Masterclass takes things a step further and shares hands-on tips on how to best implement these techniques (and many more) at your company.

Exchanging experience and ideas with other FP&A professionals around the world

Last but not least, one of the biggest takeaways from our Masterclass is the experience of interacting and collaborating with other FP&A professionals from around the globe. At Apliqo, we firmly believe that FP&A is a collaborative role and that we can all benefit from the opportunity to connect with other professionals to share experiences, insights, questions, and more.

The last installment of this year’s FP&A Masterclass with Jack Alexander took place on August 19th, 2021. But don’t worry if you missed it; follow this link and register to get full access to all of our past master classes as well as updates on our upcoming series. On September 30th we will also host an Exclusive Class on “Finance as a partner in Creating Value” – don’t miss out and make sure to sign up here!

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